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Service was brought to life by longstanding passion of computers, Information technology as well as broadly known electronics. Still on-going development of this field can cause technical problems even for someone who is tech-saavy – here our services comes to play! 

Exemplary repairs of computers and laptops

We provide service and care for Personal Computers in Your home or an office. Our experience allows us to use the best known ways to fix or upgrade Your PC. We try to be always updated with the computer market, to offer you highly tailored solutions. If you need a PC that will serve a certain need, such as: gaming computer, computer for studies/learning, station for a graphic designer etc, You are in the right place. Computer built & configured by us will surely meet your demands. If you want to know more, contact us by message or a call.

- Building of a PC meeting customers request, building a work place station
- Computer upgrade
- Fixing problems with Operating System
- service for the cooling system, including replacing thermopaste & thermopads
- Improvement of device operation
- Station configuration according to client needs 

Exemplary personal computer services:

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Personal Computers Repair and upgrades

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